Framed by the majestic Hajar Mountains, Ras Al Khaimah is the UAE’s best-kept secret. It has a rich heritage, which dates back over 7,000 years and a warm and welcoming culture. This is our strength…

Ras Al Khaimah is very special. There is nothing like it, anywhere. Everything it has to offer – from the highest mountain peak, to sweeping white sandy beaches, a relaxed and very safe infrastructure and world-class hotels – represents a wonderful offering to our guests. Not forgetting, of course, fantastic sunshine throughout the year, museums brimming with history, superb shopping – and a rich local cuisine.

This unique array of stunning attractions, plays a key part in making Ras Al Khaimah the ideal destination for a wide range of travellers. All our guests are different and have their personal agendas. Some may be on an individual journey of self-discovery and some may be looking for excitement. Some may just want to get away from it all – and some look to spread their wings and explore something new.

Some visit to discover subtle cultural nuances and authentic experiences. Whatever anyone is looking for, they find it in Ras Al Khaimah. There is something here to suit all tastes and all age groups.

A story about the most beautiful Emirate of them all…Cradled between a mountain high and the Arabian sea, through sparkling beaches and sprawling spaces. A view that stretches across a glittering gulf , held by the terracotta sands of an ancient desert. And in between, an emirate – captivating, globally connected and spiritually authentic.

It’s a place where you’re greeted with generosity of spirit and your curiosity is rewarded. Give in to adventure. Give in to history. Give in to luxury. Just…give in. Whether you’re a seeker of adventure, an explorer of customs as old as time, on a quest for yourself, or with your loved ones.

Unplug and refresh. Because here, in this place, you’re welcomed with a promise: It won’t be easy to leave. And as you hike up that mountain, you’ll awake and see beyond the horizon, beyond yourself…beyond a journey.

Brand Story Ras Al Khaimah

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